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Fwd: urgent opening: Engineer-Transport - III

On 12/18/19 8:49 PM, Eric Kuhnke wrote:
> The really scary and not uncommon thing now is for unethical recruiters 
> to take your CV from somewhere, copy/paste it into their own word 
> processing software, and start editing things in it (and removing your 
> direct contact information) without permission from yourself, and send 
> it onwards to their "clients".
> Have seen this happen to at least five people I know.

And this is why I always tell people to:

1) Use a PDF (it makes it harder, they at least have to copy/paste text 
and do some re-formatting).

2) Ship or attach a PGP or other crypto signature (not that anybody 
verifies them).  I personally have been known to mention that the resume 
should be signed/have a signature available in a quick quip where I also 
mention experience with basic end-application crypto systems in the 
resume.  Recruiters often fail to remove that reference when they modify it.

3) Offer to "send a fresh copy" of the resume at the earliest 
opportunity in engaging a hiring manager.

4) Always bring multiple hard-copies as well as the PDF on portable 
media to interviews.

The hiring managers hate the recruiter-modified BS resumes as much as 
the interviewees do.  This goes double when it's been modified to the 
point that the qualifications stated bear little to no resemblance to 
the original ones stated.  That just wastes everyone's time.
Brandon Martin