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Energy Efficiency - Data Centers

> On 18 Dec 2019, at 15:57, Rod Beck <rod.beck at unitedcablecompany.com> wrote:
> Energy efficiency  is a hobby of mine and most of my properties embody Passive House Technology. This led me to wonder what is the inefficiency of these servers in data centers. Every time I am in a data center I am impressed by how much heat comes off these semiconductor chips. Looks to me may be 60% of the electricity ends up as heat. 

Less than a 100.000th of the energy in a data center is used to run the applications in a datacenter as summarised in this graph:

The full talk by Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain View: https://youtu.be/wY_js13AuRk?t=1343 <https://youtu.be/wY_js13AuRk?t=1343>

My research group has come up with supporting evidence for these claims. Our Wafer Scale Integration and new operating system software can actually achieve these savings.

Merik Voswinkel
Metamorph research institute


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