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Elephant in the room - Akamai

On 12/8/19 10:58 AM, Jared Mauch wrote:
> Not all content is suitable in all locations based on the physical security or market situation. We have some content that can not be served, an example is locations where there are licensing requirements (eg: ICP for China).
> You will see a different mix from our 20940 vs 16625 as well. Those have different requirements on the security side. If you treat your PKI data seriously you will appreciate what is done here.
> In Marquette Michigan there will be different opportunities compared with Amsterdam or Ashburn as well.
> Our customers and traffic mix makes it challenging to serve from a platform where you do capital planning for several year depreciation cycle. We have thousands of unique sites and that scale is quite different from serving on a few distinct IXPs and transit providers.
> So yes you will see a difference and there are things we can do to improve it when there is a variance in the behavior.
I guess what I'm getting at is that it sounds like, if you cannot source 
the content locally to the peering link, there's not likely to be an 
internal connection to the same site from somewhere else within the 
Akamai network to deliver that content and, instead, the target network 
should expect it to come in over the "public Internet" via some other 
connection.  Is that accurate?

Thanks for the clarifications.
Brandon Martin