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Elephant in the room - Akamai

Our AANP cache seems to have done the same in the 
past 2 nights. Lots of traffic that has never 
been there before.  It has however not reduced 
the amount of traffic we're getting from AS20940 
directly - still hit a new record level last night.

We've got a request in with them for a PNI.   If 
things keep growing at this rate, we might need two!

Over the years, I've questioned how much the AANP 
boxes really did for us, as their in:out ratio 
seemed almost balanced.  If the last two nights 
are an indication, then they're worth keeping.

At 09:39 AM 05/12/2019, Aaron Gould wrote:
>I see my Akamai aanp cache utilization at 
>all-time highs the last 2 nights as well.Ã?  Curious what it is.
>Jared, you can reply to my off-list if you wish, 
>or on-list if it would benefit the community.


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