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Gmail email blocking is off the rails (again)

> Though I agree that Gmail spam filtering is top grade, or close to be so,
> it still sends to spam a statistically significant number of emails from
> IETF and ICANN mailing lists I'm subscribed to.  It depends as well on
> which account I should receive those emails.

Yes, that's mostly the DMARC problem.  We're painfully familiar with it.

> While I understand and totally accept that there might be issues with the
> respective senders' configuration; with mailing lists at least, spam
> filtering is more of a duty of the mailing list admins.  ...

One day I asked a guy at Google why they don't just whitelist incoming 
mailing list mail, since they clearly have a good idea where the list 
hosts are.  He said that legit lists send spam (actual ugly spam, not 
filter errors) all the time, either because a subscriber's account is 
compromised or the list itself is compromised.  Accurate filtering is 
remarkably complicated.

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