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Bing news feeds stale for 5 days (api.cognitive.microsoft.com)

Any Bing engineers on here?

I work with a major search affiliate partner, and starting this morning news feeds from api.cognitive.microsoft.com <http://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/> were coming in stale, nothing new in the past 5 days. However, this was only effecting API calls originating outside the USA.

In the US, api.cognitive.microsoft.com <http://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/> returns fresh news, but globally through GeoDNS, that URL resolves to different IPs, those IPs (Europe, Singapore, etc.,.) are returning 5 day old news.

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but we dont have a good PoC at Bing for thisâ?¦ I figure there is a very good chance someone here could escalate.

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