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IEEE CNS (co-located w/ NANOG) and lectures/notes on cyber-sec, routing

Hi NANOG, two activities I'm involved in which may be of some interest/use
to some of you:

1. IEEE CNS - Wash. DC, June 10-12 (yes, co-located with NANOG'76 -
unfortunately, completely uncoordinated, and being TPC co-chair for CNS,
this lack of coordination is frustrating and hard to justify). But maybe
some of us will find ways to benefit from the co-location anyway (e.g.,
drop by to some CNS session, e.g., the session on Internet Infrastructure
security - June 10 afternoon). Or organize joint dinner of interested
people... or something.

2. While already announcing stuff let me mention that I'm working on pretty
extensive text and set of lectures on `foundations of cyber-security' with
emphasis on the network-security and crypto aspects. Part I is crypto and
much of it is already usable, part II is on network security and currently
mainly contains questions/exercises (a fair number and quite challenging).
But lectures (pptx) are already available on most topics, incl. routing

Hope some of you may find these of some use; feedback welcome (probably by
private mail would be better).

Best, Amir
Amir Herzberg
Comcast professor for security innovation
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut

Foundations of Cybersecurity:

Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/amirherzberg/home
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