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Comcast storing WiFi passwords in cleartext?

On 4/23/19 8:35 PM, Peter Beckman wrote:
> Get your own router if you're worried about your Wifi Password being 
> known
> by Comcast. Or change to WPA2 Enterprise, but I'm guessing that isn't
> supported on the router... 

Original post seems to be someone that bought a used modem/router 
combo.  Since the combo is part cable model, and needs to be provisioned 
by the MSP, it is going to have access to parts of the config, including 
the wireless password.  It is unknown if the password is stored in 
plaintext in Comcast's database, and I doubt that someone from Comcast 
is going to validate that.  It is being displayed to the account owner 
for their benefit.  I honestly see nothing wrong with this in and of itself.

At the same time, I refuse to use one of these combo modem/router/WAP.  
I don't want Comcast to steal my Internet for their roaming wireless, 
and also don't trust their security.  I do all that myself on my own 
hardware, and prefer to be responsible for my own security.  I suspect 
most people to be lazy.