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Special Counsel Office report web site

On Apr 17, 2019, at 9:02 PM, Sean Donelan <sean at donelan.com> wrote:
> The Special Counsel's report is expected to be posted on its website sometime between 11 a.m. and noon on Thursday, April 18, 2019.
> https://www.justice.gov/sco
> Since I helped with website for the Starr Report on September 11, 1998, I wish all website admins and network admins well tommorrow morning.
> # config t
> ip go faster


I remember â??ip go fasterâ?? when you first posted it back in 1998. It was hilarious, I literally â??LOLâ??ed. However, I did not envy you your job with that short notice. (But I did envy you all the people who were willing to help on such short notice.) I am still impressed at what you were able to pull together in just a few days. Major Kudos.

Things will probably be easier this time. The Internet has evolved ways of dealing with exactly this problem. (Avi used to call it â??slash-dot insuranceâ??, but the idea is the same.) Specifically:

	TiggerBook-C-32:~ patrick$ dig +short www.justice.gov

â??Nuff said.