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Sflow billing or usage calculation software

Hi Tom


The 50Mbps is just an example, itâ??s the function we are more after.


The pmacct option looks interesting I wonder if this can be integrated with IPAM 


I also found the UTM5 ISP Billing System which looks interesting anyone using it ? or not using it for specific reasons ?


Please keep the suggestions coming.







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Iâ??m curious what the service is that 50Mbps avg over a 24 hr window is an investigative threshold. 


On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 17:57 Peter Phaal <peter.phaal at gmail.com <mailto:peter.phaal at gmail.com> > wrote:



You might find the following article useful in identifying features to consider when evaluating sFlow analyzers:



The following white paper discusses accuracy of packet sampling for usage accounting:








On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 2:07 PM Tony C <tonycane at iinet.net.au <mailto:tonycane at iinet.net.au> > wrote:

Hi All

I am looking for Sflow analytical software that can tell me automatically over say a period of 24 hours (or any time period I select) the average mbit of data consumed for any IP address within our entire AS. 

(Without configuring a rule or billing group for each IP address or customer within our network)

The purpose is to help quickly work out IP addressees which are using more bandwidth (in or out) than what we consider to be acceptable usage.

For example, I would like to review a report or be automatically alerted to any IP address using more than an average of 50mbit within the past 24 hour plus have the capability to review data say over a month.

Any names of software of suggestions would be great which I can investigate, happy to look at both commercial software and open source or if you have a Sflow billing solution for data consumption which is simple and easy to use please let me know 



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