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Gi Firewall for mobile subscribers

On Thu, 11 Apr 2019, Tore Anderson wrote:

> We've been wanting to replace our all of our ad-hoc OOB links with a
> standardised setup based on LTE connectivity to an embedded
> login/console server at each PoP. IPv6 would be perfect due to no
> CGNAT and infinitesimal levels of background scanning.
> Unfortunately Telenor has decided to deploy a central firewall that
> drops all inbound connections, making their service totally unusable
> for our use case. I guess they don't want our money.

Sounds like the console server will need to "phone home".  That a 
workaround might be possible doesn't make a firewall which the user 
cannot control to some degree less annoying.  Though it might be that 
Telenor just needs to be notified/reminded that power users and business 
customers exist.