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Facebook (account)


On Tue, 9 Apr 2019 at 21:18, J. Hellenthal via NANOG <nanog at nanog.org>

> Delete fB account ...
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>  J. Hellenthal
> The fact that there's a highway to Hell but only a stairway to Heaven says
> a lot about anticipated traffic volume.
> > On Apr 9, 2019, at 21:05, Nathan Anderson <nathana at fsr.com> wrote:
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> > Fellow NetOps,
> >
> > I realize this is an unorthodox / off-topic request, but I've been
> trying to help a friend out and don't know how to advise her next.
> >
> > If there is someone from FB here who has connections to someone in
> account security and is willing to contact me off-list, I'd really
> appreciate it.  A friend had her FB account of many years hijacked and then
> held for ransom by a random dude.  When she asked FB to intercede, she
> appeared to have her account back for a short time (< 24 hrs) before FB
> themselves blocked the account, and that's where we are now.  It's been
> over 2 weeks and she has been going round and round with "CS" and getting
> nowhere...whoever these robots are keep repeating requests for her to send
> in ID, which she does, and then they repeat the request again and it just
> goes in a circle.  I have a feeling that I know what's going on
> behind-the-scenes, but we can't seem to get a living, breathing human over
> there who isn't just reading a script to actually listen to her.
> Seriously, what is the average person supposed to do under these
> circumstances?
> >
> > If this was just the story of a lone FB account I'm not sure I would
> bother and I'd just tell her to get a new one.  But she runs a business
> (popular local coffee shop) with a FB page that this account of hers was
> apparently the only admin for.
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any leads,
> >
> > --
> > Nathan Anderson
> > First Step Internet, LLC
> > nathana at fsr.com
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