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residential/smb internet access in 2019 - help?

On 4/10/19 1:55 PM, Jeff Shultz wrote:
> It seems like_someone_  has to be the CLEC and "Carrier of Last
> Resort" for the area. Not that that means you are going to get the
> service you want.

Where I live, you can get AT&T POTS from the ILEC of record.  Sometimes 
it even works...when their cross box/remote terminal isn't full of 
water, has power/batteries haven't died, etc.!  They really push people 
toward their "wireless home phone" solution which is basically an LTE 
radio and ATA in a box.  It's somewhat significantly cheaper than their 
wireline POTS service.

No DSL, no HFC/cable, no consumer fiber.  T1 is available at full tariff 
rate from the 90s plus about 20 miles of line extension charges.  ISDN 
is no longer offered (or so they say).

Only wISP worth mentioning (i.e. can deliver more than 1Mbps on a good 
day) is myself (fiber coming this summer hopefully).  Basically the 
entire township is a dead zone as far as wireline goes.  I pay dearly 
for my dedicated fiber backhaul to make service worth using available.

I'm about 10 minutes from the county seat which has population over 10k 
and about 45 minutes from downtown metro of >800k.  Most gov. agencies 
have the entire county flagged as "not rural" and ineligible for 
subsidies.  These areas definitely exist.

Brandon Martin