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SFP supplier in Europe?

Subject: SFP supplier in Europe? Date: Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 10:09:15PM +0200 Quoting nanog-isp at mail.com (nanog-isp at mail.com):
> Hello NANOG,
> Could somebody recommend an SFP supplier in Europe with a warehouse in the EU and fast shipping? I need to pick up some 80km Bidi SFPs and I'd prefer to use a supplier has and will keep stock locally.

With the caveats discussed in the thread taken into consideration,
I'd pitch in that both FS and FlexOptix have proven useful to me.
Flex got me a very specific coding (Siemens SDH gear compatible) in
no time, and FS are -- for stocked items -- hard to beat on price and
shipping time. Both being inside EU means zero hassle with customs
which is important. (Poor Brits, what have they done to themselves?)

MÃ¥ns Nilsson     primary/secondary/besserwisser/machina
MN-1334-RIPE           SA0XLR            +46 705 989668
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