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Amazon AS16509 peering... how long to wait?

I will connect you to right people offlist

I am surprised its taking that long

On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 16:41 John Von Essen <john at essenz.com> wrote:

> I applied for peering, received an email, setup the BGP session, waited
> about a month. Then 3 weeks ago my BGP session with Amazom came up, but
> with zero routes. I assume I am in some kind of test/waiting period, but
> after three weeks, I thought I would be getting routes by now. Emails to
> the peeringdb POC have not returned anything. Anyone here from AS16509,
> can this be bumped? We are AS17185, and peering is on DE-CIX NYC.
> Thanks
> John
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