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FCC seeks comment on improving the wireless resiliency cooperative framework

FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Seeks Comment on Improving 
the Wireless Resiiency Cooperative Framework

Comment Date: April 29, 2019
Reply Date: May 20, 2019


The Bureau particularly welcomes comments from cross-sector stakeholders 
with on-the-ground experience during a disaster in which wireless 
providers utilized the Framework. The Bureau intends to use these 
experiences to help inform recommendations it may make to the Commission 
on measures to expedite service restoration efforts in the face of a storm 
or other disastrous event and to also inform the FCCâ??s ongoing review of 
the efficacy of the Framework. In addition to stakeholders in the 
communications and emergency response sectors, we are interested in 
hearing from industry and government bodies at all levels, and 
particularly from consumers, including people with disabilities and those 
who may be disproportionately affected by communications outages, as well 
as from any other interested stakeholders.


The Framework enumerates five prongs of commitment: providing for 
reasonable roaming arrangements during disasters when technically 
feasible; fostering mutual aid during emergencies; enhancing municipal 
preparedness and restoration; increasing consumer readiness and 
preparation; and improving public awareness and stakeholder communications 
on service and restoration status.