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Frontier rural FIOS & IPv6

On 3/31/19 10:05 PM, Tom Beecher wrote:
> Iâ??m in Spectrum land, née Time Warner, née Rigas Cash Extraction 
> Machine... errr Adelphia. ( Buffalo / WNY )
> Weâ??ve had native v6 for quite a few years up here.

Spectrum ex. Bright House/Time Warner varies by region.  NY region has 
had it, apparently.

Indianapolis has not, does not, and, from what I gather, will not (for a 
long time).

Apparently the regional operations of Bright House/TWC were very 
separated.  They had other significant policy differences, too, e.g. 
caps/overages, AUP differences (especially as enforced vs. as written), etc.
Brandon Martin