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CloudFlare D.N.S. Resolvers... ( &

On Wed, 26 Sep 2018 10:52:07 +0300, Michael Bullut said:

> Has anyone deployed the aforementioned in your individual networks? A quick
> test suggests it is quite fast compared with Google's D.N.S. resolvers:

> *Reply from <>: bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=61*

3ms indicates you're hitting an instance that is fairly close by, network-wise.

Looking at your traceroute:

3     7 ms    13 ms    15 ms
4     7 ms     5 ms     4 ms  one.one.one.one []

The instance is apparently on the same subnet as your CGN exit point.  As such,
unless CloudFlare is deploying a *lot* of anycast instances, most people are
not going to have the joyous experience you have. 

>From my desktop, is 7 network hops away, compared to's 10 hops,
but the extra 3 hops inside AS15169 probably don't leave the building, and may
not even leave the rack. Both are right around 6.9ms away - while *our* network
presence there is 4 hops and also 6.9ms away and traceroute is showing jitter
larger than the difference between our router and either DNS service...

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