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ARIN RPKI TAL deployment issues


> John Curran wrote :
> 2) They could not agree to ARIN RPA agreement (for which the most cited reason is the indemnification clause, but perplexing given agreement to other indemnification clauses such as RIPEâ??s Certification services.)

I would entertain that "could not agree to ARIN RPA" is why they don't use the TAL. I may not be representative, but  I knew I had to download it.
And maybe you missed a third possibility :
3) Nobody really cares about the ARIN TAL because almost nobody has validated a prefix within the ARIN region therefore installing the ARIN TAL is almost useless :-(

We don't only have a problem withTAL deployment, we also have an adoption issue.
And possibly an egg-and-chicken issue : nobody deploys the TAL because nobody validates their prefixes, and vice versa.


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