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overages for power usage

We see lots of different approaches to this, depending on the datacenter operator:

  1.  Customer pays for power overage at an agreed to rate that is usually the same as their committed rate (but could be more). This could be based on a:
     *   Per KW consumed
     *   Per KWh consumed
     *   Per Amp consumed

  1.  Customer is notified that they are over their committed draw, and asked to increase their commitment. Could be:
     *   Immediately
     *   After a few months of repeated overages

  1.  Nothing happens (operator is not monitoring)

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What kind of typical overage costs have you seen when a customer/you use more than you've committed to?

I'm especially interested in datacenter power situations, where maybe you sign up for 5kw or 500kw and use more than that in a given month.  Is it billed at the same rate?  Is it billed at a higher rate?  What's the % increase of the higher rate versus the regular rate?

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