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overages for power usage

The fuses might match what you ordered. If you go over you might lose power
due to a blown fuse.

When there is A and B power for redundancy, you need to make sure that one
side can take the whole load without blowing any fuses. Otherwise you have
no redundancy.



fre. 21. sep. 2018 04.12 skrev Alan Hannan <alan at routingloop.com>:

> What kind of typical overage costs have you seen when a customer/you use
> more than you've committed to?
> I'm especially interested in datacenter power situations, where maybe you
> sign up for 5kw or 500kw and use more than that in a given month.  Is it
> billed at the same rate?  Is it billed at a higher rate?  What's the %
> increase of the higher rate versus the regular rate?
> Thanks!
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