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[proj-bgp] adding graphs for actually unreachable RPKI INVALID prefixes to RPKI Monitor?


> Montgomery, Douglas wrote :
> The new monitor has significant additions in the areas of diagnostics, and highlights issues of
> interest such as path / customer cone analysis of prefixes that cover invalid originations.

Thanks for all the work. More visibility will help. I have made some private suggestions to how you could enhance the service, and I would add one :
provide a BGP feed available to the public with invalid RPKI prefixes with a distinct BGP community describing why the prefix is invalid.

We are in an impossible situation where ISPs don't want to discard invalid RPKI prefixes because they can't deal with the customer backshlash of doing it; nothing to gain, money to lose. Money wins.

There is another side of this coin, though : you are a government employee. I pay you.
As a taxpayer, I think the US governement should provide a better service to US companies with theRPKI collected data. Analysis without action is interesting, but not always federal funding.

Best regards,


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