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Puerto Rico Internet Exchange


On 14/09/2018 16:08, Sander Steffann wrote:
>> In general an IX only makes sense when there are local resources to
>> exchange. It doesnâ??t seem like PR has a lot of, if any, content
>> providers of its own, so most consumer content is coming from
>> offshore anyway.
> This can also work the other way: once there is a local IXP, it can
> open opportunities for local content providers.
> Cheers, Sander

I'd also think that if there is sufficient local motivation, the local 
guys should get something started for their own purposes.

And that would maybe not immediately include "big content", but it would 
keep their own domestic traffic local. So even if it's not lots of 
Gigabits immediately, even if the latency "penalty" without local 
peering isn't that big, it would still cost them something to pass 
traffic through the water, and a local IXP should be cheaper if run with 
low overhead...

Establishing an "aggregation point" would be the first step, and then 
outsiders can see what's possible there.

not knowing much about the specific environment