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Puerto Rico Internet Exchange


But why would you want, as a content provider, to have your content hosted on the island? Backhauling it over fiber is no big deal across the short distances involved. As far as I can tell, PR has a glut of ocean floor fiber capacity, just installed a couple years ago. We're not talking stock market trades here, where milliseconds matter. We're talking Netflix movie reruns, which could be easily delivered with seconds of latency.

Those who hold to the "if you build it they will come" business model forget that that model was a fantasy in a movie.

A movie currently being streamed to PR without difficulty :-)

-mel via cell

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Agreed. Very chicken or the egg. Any recently formed IX is largely a conduit for big content to connect to local eyeballs. As some critical mass of eyeballs is achieved, local content is interested as are large networks like Hurricane Electric.

In the case of PR, if there are no local content providers, an IX provides an avenue for one to form to connect to other operators on the island, avoiding underwater cables to the mainland. If I were a company in PR, I'd want my web site and other services hosted in PR, not Miami or Virginia.

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> In general an IX only makes sense when there are local resources to exchange. It doesnâ??t seem like PR has a lot of, if any, content providers of its own, so most consumer content is coming from offshore anyway.

This can also work the other way: once there is a local IXP, it can open opportunities for local content providers.


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