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Netflix - wide ranges of wrongly blocked IP ranges

Dear list,


is anyone else experiencing massive issues with Netflix caused by wrongly
blocked IP ranges? Looks like Netflix started to block wide ranges of ColtÂ?s
IP assignments (EU & Switzerland). 


IÂ?m in touch with ~400 affected customers which are no longer able to play
any video on the website (Â?Ooops, something went wrong - Streaming error.
Looks like youÂ?re using a Proxy blablablaÂ?). 


Is someone from NetflixÂ?s NOC on the list? Offnet feedback is welcome - IÂ?m
able to provide IPs for verification and IÂ?m able to provide proof for no
proxy configuration from Colt J. They do not use any type of CGNAT 



thanks & best regards





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