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Yet another Quadruple DNS?

Another one for the list...  We're working on fielding our quad-255 ( DNS.  It's currently pingable but not yet providing resolution.  We're aiming for an April 1st release.  One of the most widley-distributed quads out there.  We're thinking about calling it QUAdFF -- drink it up.  


On 3/30/18, 10:48 AM, "NANOG on behalf of Royce Williams" <nanog-bounces at nanog.org on behalf of royce at techsolvency.com> wrote:

    And FWIW, there are currently a few other other same-quad open resolvers:
    # IP - desc | CIDR | recursion-yes - APNIC-LABS - Research prefix for APNIC Labs (now Cloudflare
    distributed public recursive DNS) | 1/8 | recursion-yes - Google LLC (public recursive DNS) | 8.8.8/24 | recursion-yes - Quad9 (public recursive DNS) | 9.9.9/24 | recursion-yes - Dadeh Gostar Asr Novin P.J.S. Co. (Iran) | 77.77.64/19 |
    recursion-yes - Freenom DNS CLoud IP Space | 80.80.80/23  | recursion-yes - NanJing XinFeng Information Technologies, Inc. |
    114.114/16 | recursion-yes
    Full survey - with owners of the largest bit-boundary-aligned blocks
    that contain them - here: