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Qu??bec Sales tax

On 2018-03-28 17:45, Alain Hebert wrote:
>      Same deal as Paypal and EBay.

Paypal and EBay have not worked fevereshly to avoid a presence in
Canada. They have presence and already handle the taxes.

>      Netflix dropping their services in CDN/QC only serve <Yuo know who> 
> attempt at making yet another market grab.

Netflix has worked VERY hard  to avoid having a presence in Canada to
avoid not only taxation, but also regulation from CRTC in broadcasting,
having to contribute to various funds etc.

The danger here is that it may feel that losing its QC customers is
worth the price of maintaining the illusion it has no presence in Canada.

There is also a class action lawsuit for Netflix because it did not
follow the Québec Consumer procection law when it raised its rates a
year or two ago. Class action lawsuits can be very expensive.

And to bring his back to the network/ISP level: this is why it is very
important that ISPs remain "common carriers" who do not control or have
responsibility over content so that they don't get dragged into all
those issues.

>          ( And with all the hardware already deployed locally at the 
> many exchanges ... )

Netflix owns NO, NONE, NADA, ZERO hardware in Canada. It has no offices
in Canada.  Gifting the network appliances to ISPs means Netflix does
not own the hardware and thus maintains its "no presence here".

The second Netflix has physical presence here, the existing tax laws
kicks in and Netflix must collect federal and provincial taxes.