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Problems with Skype video - outgoing calls only

Hi guys,

last few days we have a several of our customers complaining about weird 
problem with skype video chat.

When they try to initiate video call from their computer, call fails and 
receiving side gets notification that they were called. But when 
receiving side tries to call them, call gets through immediately, no 

This affects only video calls. Audio calls, chat, file transfer, group 
conference all work without any problems during the same session. And we 
have sent our tech's to customer premises with our own equipment.

They too have the same problem while on location while using our 

After customers started complaining, we switched their IP address to 
some of our other IP ranges and problem was gone for some time.

Now, we have started getting reports of skype video not working from our 
other IP ranges.

What's most frustrating about this problem is that it's not a problem 
for all users in particular subnet, only a few of them at time. For 
others, everything works as usual.

We have checked and double checked everything about our network, and all 
is well and in normal parameters.

No new firewalls/rules/equipment change/updates....

Anyone having same issues maybe ?


Igor Krneta

Elta Kabel d.o.o.