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Question about great firewall of China

> As you may have heard, Bell Canada has gathered a 
> group called Fairplay Canada to force all ISPs in 
> Canada to block web sites

--- hugo at slabnet.com wrote:
From: Hugo Slabbert <hugo at slabnet.com>

re: Nation-level controls, the Sandvine report from 
Citizen Labs can add some context and real world 


Also discusses http vs. https things.

Wow, that's a really interesting write up.  It's long, 

<slight troll; don't read further>

It looks like a "Great Firewall of Canada" is going up.
They should look at the dismal record of how Australia
implemented theirs (all the while knowing how easy it 
is for the "criminals and terrorists" to bypass their 

But,it really isn't about the "criminals and terrorists" 
is it?

The people in positions of power worldwide are feverishly 
drooling over the ability to control what others can know, 
while not blocking the information from themselves.  What 
a sad, sad life those people live!  Sounds like the Dark