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IPv4 smaller than /24 leasing?

So the recommendation to get that /24 is to cheat or otherwise mislead in your justification? 

Mike Hammett 
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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 2:14 PM, Justin Wilson <lists at mtin.net> wrote: 
> Even to buy it on the secondary market you have to have justification and show usage. So if someone buys a /24 and really only needs a /25 then what? 

Hi Justin, 

If you can't justify a /24 with a single hypervisor, you aren't being 
creative enough. Seriously. Optimize your network _plan_ for address 
consumption. You need a /29 (or two /30s) to connect each VM to the 
primary and backup router VMs and that's before you assign virtual IPs 
to web servers on the VMs. 

In your initial allocation, ARIN won't hold you to your plan. You just 
have to have a plan where the numbers add up to justified need. If 
you're not comfortable going it on your own, contract someone who's 
been through it before to shepherd you through the process. ARIN's 
process is convoluted and arcane, but if you're ready to pay the cost 
of multihoming you truly won't have any trouble justifying an ARIN 

Bill Herrin 

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