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Spiffy Netflow tools?

(To the thread in general) 

Those of us using RouterOS have to suffer a bit longer to get ASN-usefulness out of these tools. Well, natively. I'm just about done with using pmacct to inject the ASN into into a local Flow Analyzer. Maybe I can figure out at some point how to get pmacct to spit out a new netflow with the ASN information so these other tools can work out of the box. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 


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Subject: Spiffy Netflow tools? 


Checking out various Netflow tools and wanted to see what others are using? 

Kentik is cool. Are they the only SaaS based flow digester? I donâ??t seem to see any others. 

Also curious about on-prem solutions as well.