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Proof of ownership; when someone demands you remove a prefix

That is about like saying email from you is the authoritative source of truth about you....unless your account is hacked.  Sorry but in the real business world we give long standing customers the benefit of the doubt.  We all make judgments every day in our real lives about who we believe and who we don't believe.  It is not rare to know who the original contact for your customer is if you have any kind of provisioning records at all.  Nothing is automatic or a set procedure in this circumstance.  It's about like proving a false credit card charge...does the claim make sense or not.  At the end of the day the RIR has to determine who owns the account.  Right now, this minute you have to make the call based on incomplete information about what is best for your business, your customer, the Internet community, and your professional reputation.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

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>I would consider that.... the RIR WHOIS records are currently the network's authoritative source of truth about  IP number management.
>For 99% of situations there's no such proper thing as "delaying addressing abuse"
>so someone claims they can go dispute the RIR record.   The rare exception
>would be  you have  documented  the original contacts and LOAs,  and a stranger who is a new WHOIS POC sends a request that you disrupt what has now >been a long-established operational network,  and  your customer is objecting/claiming the WHOIS record has been hijacked.