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[NANOG-announce] Program Committee appointments

*Greetings, fellow NANOG enthusiasts,Iâ??m pleased to announce that the board
has appointed 11 individuals to the Program Committee. As always, making
these appointments is an exercise in difficult choices; and these
appointments were made especially challenging by this cycleâ??s 18
highly-qualified applicants.We are, at our core, a volunteer organization.
It is through the interest and commitment of volunteers like these that we
are able to deliver the exceptional program quality expected by our
members, attendees and sponsors. Weâ??d like to thank each of the 18
individuals that applied, and for those not selected, we would be delighted
to entertain your candidacy during the next appointment cycle.The 11
members appointed to the Program Committee are:Vincent Celindro, Michaela
Clifford, Michael Costello, Philippe Couture, Tom Kacprzynski, Ognian
Mitev, Chris Pennisi, Steven Schechter, Benson Schliesser, Edward Winstead,
Chris WoodfieldPlease join me in congratulating them.Weâ??d also like to
thank and recognize the contributions of Kevin Blumberg, Anna Claiborne,
Allison Feese-Strickland, Steve Plote, Dani Roisman, Michael K. Smith, and
Jesse Sowell for their service on the Program Committee.In the coming
weeks, the new Program Committee will hold its first meeting and select a
chair and a vice chair.I know I speak for the rest of the board when I say
that we canâ??t wait to experience the output of our new PC in Denver for
NANOG 73.See you in June!Best Regards,--ryan(for the NANOG Board of
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