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AS3266: BitCanal hijack factory, courtesy of Cogent, GTT, and Level3

hey all,

while I'm in no place to make demands or requests of anyone, like many of
you I have this thread on "loud". it may be beneficial to add a
"-discussions" for when threads go off topic. outages implemented something
similar and (for the most part) squelched the "me too" and off-topic
threads from the main sub list with mods politely reminding off topic
messages to use discussions for banter.

I love read the conversation but as with most folks, maybe keeping it
relevant to the subscription model.

there's always discord, slack, mumble and IRC if you want to make a banter
area too.


On Wed, Jun 27, 2018, 5:15 PM Job Snijders <job at instituut.net> wrote:

> People - please just stop the off topic chatter. It is ludicrous that a
> thread about bgp hijacks morphed into font discussions.
> Either contribute to the operational issue at hand by evaluating your terms
> & conditions (or abuse policies) and applying them to your operations, or
> remain silent.