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AS3266: BitCanal hijack factory, courtesy of many connectivity providers

On 26/Jun/18 20:31, Mike Hammett wrote:

> Authoritative list of shame with supporting evidence? (Yes, I assume there isn't one and that one would have to be created.) 
> Many network operators aren't going to know who's supposed to be on that list and who isn't. 

I tend to agree - I probably wouldn't know this well-known list, unless
it's shared somewhere. Perhaps something that MANRS members have access
to, although it would be good that it is accessible to the entire
power-networking community.

I imagine a Sales person doing a deal with a well-known spammer, and the
provisioning team (who have no time/energy to follow what's happening in
the world) delivering the service. Might be difficult to get this turned
off after the Sales team have shown a TCV for the quarter/year heavily
bumped by said

A list of shame that we can share with the Sales and Delivery teams
could help stem the problem at its root.