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Submarine Cable Status Map Experiment

Hello NANOGers,

Today i presented a lighting talk to ask for feedback on the submarine
cable status project. I am still trying to work details on how the
governance and sustainability of this project should be structured. I know
there are more people in the list than those who attend in person to NANOG
in Denver hence I want to share my slides here


There seems to be tremendous amount of interest and support on this
experiment. We are working on getting data (Kmz/Kml) from the operators of
submarine cable systems so we can build our map and display cable status
current demo page is available at https://map.kapany.net

If you have ideas you want to share and help this map experiment become a
reality, please don't hesitate to contact me directly or join our mailing
list. at https://groups.google.com/a/kapany.net/forum/#!forum/subsea

I would like to thank Aaron Hughes, Ognian Mitev, NANOG PC, Telegeography ,
Angola Cables, Alaska Communications and Seaborn Networks for their amazing
support so far.

ps: please feel free to pass this message to other groups / nogs to get the
message to those who are interested.

Thank you!