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Circulator and LR4/ER4 (was Re: Tunable QSFP Optics)

Hi Mitchell,

Le 19/06/2018 à 18:27, Lewis,Mitchell T. a écrit :
> Does anyone know if any Single Mode QSFPs exist on the market that
> use wavelengths other than 1310nm (either self tunable or factory
> tuned)? 

I found none.

> I am looking to put more than one 40gb link on a fiber pair
> similar to using DWDM OADMs for 1g & 10g but can't seem to find any
> qsfp optics that don't use 1310nm.

I' considering the use of a circulator to do 40/100G over a single strand.

Do you think that would work ? Would it solve four problem ?


Best regards,

Jérôme Nicolle
+33 6 19 31 27 14