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Tunable QSFP Optics

On 06/19/2018 12:41 PM, Lewis,Mitchell T. wrote:
> Let me clarify a bit-I understand that 40GBase-LR4 uses 4 10g wavelengths(lanes) which typically are:
> 1264.5- 1277.5 nm
> 1284.5â??1297.5 nm
> 1304.5â??1317.5 nm
> 1324.5â??1337.5 nm
> My question is are there any vendors that make optics which 4 wavelengths(lanes) are something other than those typically used by 40GBase-LR4?

Did 40GBASE-FR ever catch on?  It was supposed to be single-lane serial 
40Gbps on 1310nm with the receiver also accepting 1550nm.

For that matter, what are all the optical transport folks using for 
~40Gbps OTU3?  Or did they all just skip that and go straight to 
~100Gbps OTU4 on coherent optics (which are fairly readily available 
albeit in CFP, not QSFP).

Brandon Martin