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BGP in a containers

> Mike Hammett wrote :
> I wonder which part of the proposal people find offensive.

The intent of the original post was vague. Like a lot of people, I would not run a full BGP router in a container. Now, if the purpose is to inject or learn a handful of routes in order to do limited host routing, I can see the need.
A route-server or a looking glass in a container would be fine, or something to perform analysis on the routing table, but not anything that has to route actual traffic.

I use ExaBGP to inject routes, perfect tool for that. If routes have to be received (not my use case) it makes more sense, as stated by previous posts, to use Quagga or BIRD.
Which one is better : easy : if you like Cisco better, use Quagga. If you like Juniper better, use BIRD :P

BIRD looking glass looks very good ;-)

Hope this makes sense.

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