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What are people using for IPAM these days?

On 13 June 2018 at 13:54, Paul Ebersman <list-nanog2 at dragon.net> wrote:
> IPAM? Meh.
> Why bother?

So true - when customers want their IP details why should I, the
person they are paying to track this information, spend time
looking-up the info they reqeust?! I normally set them up with a login
to the core and tell them "look it up yourself you lazy git!".

For those that actually believe in "IPAMs" - this is misnomer phrase
these days (has been for ages). If you want to do stuff at scale you
need a "number" tracking system or "abstract resource that is being 0
and 4096 or between 1 and 65535" etc. We assign VLANs, stacks of
VLANs, MPLS labels, stacks of MPLS labels, IPv4 addresses, IPv6
addresses, VPN IDs (pseudowires, VPLS etc.), route targets, route
distinguishers, ASNs, logical interface IDs, physical interfaces, and
so on. They are all finite resources in the network and all "just
numbers". I have made many experiances of people putting a lot of
effort into tracking IP addresses only and none of other stuff. I
don't know why more people aren't asking for recommendations for a
"resource tracker" [1].


[1] Resource tracker != CMDB.