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AT&T Res Fiber Chicago contact?


I've been struggling for a few weeks trying to identify whom to speak to at
AT&T regarding pre-wiring of fiber in our small (6 unit) HOA.  I know the
fiber is on the pole (it lists our address as in the service area), but I
cannot get the service installed without impinging on other units. 

I'd like to work through the HOA to set up a new easement alongside the
existing phone and cable currently running through all the units, but have
not had any success with the multi-family unit form at AT&T (I think it's
designed for large apartment buildings), or through the customer support

Seeing as how my current choices are bonded aDSL and Comcast, adding a 3rd
party would be extremely advantageous to the HOA and provide turnkey access
to the rest of the residents.

If someone knows someone at AT&T who could assist, I would be extremely

Brandon Ewing                                     (nicotine at warningg.com)
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