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Application or Software to detect or Block unmanaged swicthes

In my previous life, we used a nac appliance from Bradford Networks whereby the mac address of every device needed to be registered or the switch port it was plugged into would be disabled.
This kept spurious devices from appearing on the network and worked quite well.
Cheers, Keith

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As someone already stated the obvious answers, the slightly more difficult route to be getting a count of allowed devices and MAC addresses, then moving forward with something like ansible to poll the count of MACâ??s on any given port ... of number higher than whatâ??s allowed, suspend the port and send a notification to the appropriate parties.

All in all though sounds like a really brash thing to do to your network team and will generally know and have a very good reason for doing so... but not all situations are created equally so good luck.


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> On Jun 7, 2018, at 03:57, segs <michaelolusegunrufai at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Please I have a very interesting scenario that I am on the lookout for a
> solution for, We have instances where the network team of my company bypass
> controls and processes when adding new switches to the network.
> The right parameters that are required to be configured on the switches
> inorder for the NAC solution deployed to have full visibility into end
> points that connects to such switches are not usually configured.
> This poses a problem for the security team as they dont have visibility
> into such devices that connect to such switches on the NAC solution, the
> network guys usually connect the new switches to the trunk port and they
> have access to all VLANs.
> Is there a solution that can detect new or unmanaged switches on the
> network, and block such devices or if there is a solution that block users
> that connect to unmanaged switches on the network even if those users have
> domain PCs.
> Anticipating your speedy response.
> Thank You!