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FW: Satelite Internet Provider

Dear Edwin,

IO-SAT<https://io-sat.com/> is a Vsat internet provider for both fixed and maritime purposes.
Please share with us what exactly do you need and the estimate capacity you are looking for.

Regards ,
Itay Fisher
[Description: 250x100]

            +972 537755134
Phone.: +972 772201298
email: itayf at io-sat.com<mailto:itayf at io-sat.com>

iosat Support:
Telephone:  +972-3-9784270
Internal Extension: 550003
Emergency Tel:  +44-19-23381108
Email: support at io-sat.com<mailto:support at io-sat.com>

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Subject: Satelite Internet Provider
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I would like to know if anyone knows any satellite internet provider for the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador that I can contact?

Best regards,
Edwin Salazar.