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Bezeq Internet (IL) around?

Re Hank,

thank you for the comprehensive info, this kind of help is why I
still consider NANOG a very good community and this mailing list
one of the major tools of the network business.

Not to even mention the really nice people that hang out here.

Thanks again,

hank at efes.iucc.ac.il (Hank Nussbacher) wrote:

> On 27/05/2018 17:32, Theo Voss wrote:
> There are basically two colo sites available in the Tel Aviv area:
> Med-1 - https://www.medone.co.il/en/
> Bezeqint -
> https://www.bezeqint.net/english/carrier-wholesale-services/data-center-and-dr/jaffa-data-center
> The first is run by a company that doesn't provide any sort of transit -
> just data center. 
> The second is run by a company that can also sell you transit.
> There are only 4 companies in Israel that can provide carrier services:
> Bezeqint
> HOT - http://www.hot.net.il/heb/English/
> Partner - No English site
> Cellcom - No English site
> At Med-1 you can buy transit from any of the 4 listed above. 
> At the Bezeqint site they only allow Bezeqint circuits so you are
> limited to only one carrier.
> If you need contacts at any of the companies, drop me an email and I'll
> send you email contacts at each of the companies.
> -Hank