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Intel DPDK vs Broadcom/Mellanox SDK

Can you please provide examples on issues that you highlighted with
broadcom? Are you saying i may not see the same with mellanox?


On Monday, June 4, 2018, McBride, Mack <C-Mack.McBride at charter.com> wrote:

> Use the package that corresponds to the chipset in your equipment.
> Ie. Broadcom/Mellanox chips use that SDK.  Intel chips use DPDK.
> With white box switches using Broadcom chips you will run into issues
> If you don't use the Broadcom SDK.  Obviously your mileage will vary
> based on the actual application.  If it isn't a hardware switch and is CPU
> based
> like a home router, then there are a lot more factors and the CPU factors
> may
> outweigh the chipset factors.  You may want to look at a list related to
> home
> routers for more guidance.
> Mack
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> Hi
> Anothe email thread to get some guidance on points to consider when
> comparing new platforms that advocate using DPDK as the hardware
> acceleration SDK vs the broadcom/mellanox.
> The DPDK ones claim enhanced performance but every time i ask questions, i
> get the logical and typical answer of â??it dependsâ??
> Thx
> Kim
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