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Blockchain and Networking

On Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:27:45 -0600, Jimmy Hess said:

> However,  a blockchain could also be used to allow an authority to make a statement representing
> a resource that can be made a non-withdrawable statement ---  in other words,  the authority's role
> or job in the registration process is to originate the registration,  and after that is done:
> their authoritative statement is accepted ONCE per resource.

> The registration is permanent ---  the authority has no ongoing role and no ability to later make
> a new conflicting statement about that same resource,   and   the authority  has  no operational role
> except to originate new registration.

How do you express the conflicting statement "We are hereby revoking the registration
of CyberFoo.com due to (insert valid reason here)"?

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