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Open Souce Network Operating Systems


On 01/17/2018 07:28 AM, Colton Conor wrote:
> If one were to deploy whitebox switches, X86 servers, low cost ARM and 
> MIBPS CPE devices, and basically anything that can run linux today, what 
> network operating system would you recommend?


I fail to see the need for various packages that act like something else 
(or their own entity) to translate to underlying Linux configuration.

Why not just put things in the various configuration files that Linux uses?

Why have something that translates?

If you are going to have a translation layer, why not do it with 
standard automation layers that you're likely already using.  I.e. 
Ansible / Puppet / Chef / Salt et al.

> The goal would be to have a universal network operating system that runs 
> across a variety of devices.  >From low cost residential CPE's with wifi 
> to switches to BGP speaking routers. Is there anything that can do it 
> all today?

Aside from the concern that others have mentioned about the same vuln on 
many pieces of equipment, I don't see a problem.

Use a standard (or at least consistent in your org) kernel configuration 
(as necessary & appropriate for the hardware) and standard configuration 
of application & configuration.

Compile as necessary for the architecture that you're on.

> I will use something like OpenWRT as an example. I don't consider this 
> anywhere near carrier grade, but it runs on X86 and low cost routers. I 
> don't think it will run on whitebox switches though.

What is different about OpenWRT vs VyOS?  It's my understanding that 
they are both running Linux and have some sort of (proprietary) 
configuration layer abstracting away the kernel.

> Mikrotik RouterOS would be another example as it can run on low cost 
> Routerboards, and X86 servers. But it is not opensouce.

Is open source a requirement?

I consider it a strong desire, but not a requirement.

> Is there any up and coming projects to look into?


Grant. . . .
unix || die

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