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Cisco switch recommendations

The 38xx, 37xx, 36xx, 35xx, etc line have generally not been wirespeed 
on all ports and have had smaller buffers. For applications where we 
wanted to guarantee wirespeed I've generally stuck to the 4948 lineup or 
a switch based on the 4500 family. Any reason you don't mention the 
(4x 10gig ports) or 4500-X (all ports 10gig) as these are Cisco's 
replacement for the model you currently have in use and have been happy 

Jorg Bielak wrote on 1/10/2018 5:06 PM:
> Iâ??m currently using Cisco WS-4948-10GE switches on some of my sites.
> Since I need more than two 10-Gig ports the Cisco 4948s have reached end-of-life for me.
> The current Cisco 4948 switches are doing my OSPF and BGP routing, as well as some ACLs and actually work great for usâ?¦.
> Iâ??m looking to replace the current switches with Cisco 3850-12XS switches (using the IP Services OS).
> Does anyone have experience with the Cisco 3850-12XS switches, in comparison to the WS-4948-10GE switches? Or other recommendations?
> Thanks
> JB