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Blockchain and Networking

It seems to me that at the current moment in the evolution of bitcoin, the
only way to make money from it is to sell the equipment to mine coins, as
the chances of ever making any money from mining coins yourself are
vanishingly small.  And then only if you get your electricity and cooling
for free.

It has been estimated that the amount of electricity being consumed worldwide
in the attempt to mine bitcoins exceeds the consumption of several smaller
European countries.  Since little of this power is generated from renewable
sources, it could represent a significant consumption of fossil fuels.
	- Brian

On Tue, Jan 09, 2018 at 10:49:52AM -0500, Jean | ddostest.me via NANOG wrote:
> BTC miners use asics. Big switches/routers use 100Gb asics. Some
> switches have multiple 100 Gb asics and sometimes only half is use or
> even less.
> I guess it could be nice for some smaller telcos to generate some profit
> during off peak period. I don't know how feasible and I fully understand
> that the vendor warranty should be instantly void.
> Also, sometimes telcos have off the shelves spare that gather dust for
> years... It could be interesting to also generate few coins.
> Jean