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Comparison of freeware open source switch software?

Just a note that Cumulus is disaggregated and built on FOSS, but it is not 
free (costs dollars).

Some of the below lifted from 

Other somewhat free options, some user assembly required at times:

Others that play in this space while not necessarily free:


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On Tue 2018-Jan-09 13:14:10 +0000, Edwin Pers <EPers at ansencorp.com> wrote:

>Here's one you missed:
>If you're only interested in stuff that goes on iron, openvswitch is out - it's pure software meant to run on hypervisors
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>Subject: Comparison of freeware open source switch software?
>I have seen numerous comparisons and RIPE presentations on performance issues of BIRD vs Quagga vs FRR.
>I am looking for the same thing for freeware switch software.
>Has anyone done a feature comparison between:
>...any other I am missing...
>I am familiar with:
>so to clarify I am interested only in bare-metal or whitebox swicthes and freeware, open source software.
>And even better - has anyone done a benchmark to see which performs best?
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